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March 28, 2016

Peru: Sawnwood exports fall on low deliveries to China

Peru: Sawnwood exports fall on low deliveries to China

2015 export data released by Peru's Association of Exporters (ADEX) shows that at US$151.31 million (FOB) there was an 11.5% decline in Peruvian wood product exports as compared to 2014. Much of the decline, says ADEX, was the result of a drop in sawnwood exports.

The top Peru export products were mouldings, strips and friezes, accounting for around 32% of the total. However, 2015 exports of these items were down almost 3% from a year earlier.

Peru's sawnwood exports came in as the second ranked item in terms of value and accounted for 19% of exports. There was a 40% drop in exports of sawnwood to China in 2015 compared to 2014. Despite purchasing less sawnwood, China remained the main market for wood products from Peru in 2015.

Peru's exports to the Dominican Republic were encouraging in 2015 as was the level of exports to Mexico which was the main market for sawnwood. The export of semi-manufactured wood in 2015 totalled US$70.84 million FOB with China accounting for most at almost 70% of all exports of this category of product.

Peruvian exports of veneer and plywood in 2015 were worth US$15.29 million FOB, down almost 9% on 2014. The main export markets were Mexico and the United States but imports by Mexico were down over 7%.

Exports of furniture and parts were valued at US$6.72 million FOB in 2015, falling 14% compared to a year earlier. The US was the main market for Peru’s furniture and accounted for over 57% of all wooden furniture exports. The second main market was Italy which accounted for 15% of all furniture exports.








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