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Sweden: Stock volumes of softwood sawlogs drop by 21%

Swedish softwood sawlogs stock volumes are estimated at about 2.1 million m3 in the Q2 of 2017. This represents [...]

Belarus: Logs export ban pushes up softwood lumber shipments to the EU countries

The softwood lumber exports from Belarus to the European Union countries have increased during the first quarter of 2017, by [...]

Poland: Latest prices for softwood and hardwood logs

Below, there is a list for the average prices for pine, oak, beech, spruce and birch in Poland, during February [...]

China: Record high imports of softwood lumber and logs in 2016

China imported record-high volumes of softwood lumber in 2016 and softwood log imports reached their second highest level on [...]

China: Prices for imported softwood logs

According to official data from China Customs a sharp drop in Chinese log imports was recorded in 2015. China’s [...]

Prices of imported softwood&hardwood logs in China crashed in 2015

Official data from China Customs shows a sharp drop in log imports in 2015. China’s log imports in 2015 [...]

Södra to raise hardwood logs prices and reduce the softwood prices

As the market for sawn timber gradually deteriorated towards the end of 2014 and the uncertainty in the market remains [...]

New Zealand becomes the world’s largest supplier of softwood logs

New Zealand is now the world’s largest supplier of softwood logs with exports increasing fourfold to almost two billion [...]

Estonia: Softwood log prices continue to fall in Q3/2022

The ongoing war in Europe and the energy crisis caused by Russia have led to abnormal developments in the Estonian [...]