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India’s timber market increasingly interesting for the American softwood products

American softwood products exports to India amounted to $15.265 million, in the period January-October 2016.    [...]

European softwood logs & timber exports to China perform well in 2016

After a slowdown in growth in 2015, mainly due to an overall slower pace in the Chinese economy and construction [...]

Finland: Softwood sawn timber production up 9.2% to 2.6 million cubic metres in 3Q/2016

    The rate of growth in the production of Finnish softwood sawn timber, pulp and paperboard accelerated [...]

EACOM Timber concerned about the lack of a softwood lumber agreement

EACOM Timber Corporation, together with other such companies in Ontario, think that a new round of US duties on Canadian [...]

Finland: Softwood sawn timber production dips in 2015

The year 2015 was mixed for the Finnish forest industry production. Last year's greatest decrease in production was recorded [...]

Global demand for timber could grow fourfold by 2050

The World Bank forecasts that global timber demand will quadruple by 2050, driven by economic and population growth. Gresham House [...]

Germany: Producer price index for sawn softwood shows mixed developments

    According to the Federal Statistical Office, the German producer price indices for commercial products such as [...]

UK timber imports hit six-year low

Timber imports into the UK fell for a fourth consecutive month in August 2022, according to the latest Timber Development [...]

UK: Uncertain timber market conditions expected in 2023

The Timber Development UK (TDUK) annual market conference in central London was unequivocal in its message – falling demand and prices [...]

German softwood lumber prices down 21% in September

The current situation in the German timber market is still fragile, largely dependent on the growing demand for timber brought [...]