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Booming European softwood logs exports to China

      During January-July 2016, the volume of the softwood logs exports from the European [...]

European softwood logs & lumber exports to China still on an upward trend

    Despite the fact that China's economy has slowed down in recent time, the construction sector [...]

Softwood logs imported to Sweden reached a 10-year high

The forest industry in Sweden imported about ten percent of its wood raw-material needs in 2013, according to the [...]

Norway: 51% increase in softwood logs exports to the EU

Statistics Norway reported at the end of January the highest rate of roundwood cut in 20 years. A total of [...]

Austria: Rising prices for softwood logs; noticeable pressure from Ukraine war

Lumber and construction timber products' sales are reportedly very good in Austria. Average log stocks towards the end of the [...]

Austria: Demand for softwood sawlogs goes up in January 2022

Austria's sawmills are currently still largely sufficiently stocked with needle saw logs. Now that production will soon be brought [...]

Cheap European logs fill the Chinese falling softwood stocks

While log supply from North and South America in China has virtually dried up the volume from Europe continues to [...]

China: Sharp drop in import prices of softwood logs

China’s log imports in the first half of 2019 totalled 29.56 million cubic metres valued at US$5 [...]

Södra Group lowers prices for softwood logs; citing high supply of logs and economic slowdown

The Swedish Södra Group lowers its purchase prices for roundwood. The company cited reasons for a high supply of [...]

Softwood lumber and logs imports to China tripled during the last 10 years

Softwood logs and softwood lumber imports to China have more than tripled in ten years with lumber volumes surpassing logs [...]