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Top 10 Russian sawn softwood exporting companies to China

Russian softwood products exports show strong growth at the beginning of 2017. The decrease of of shipments of sawn wood [...]

EACOM Timber acquires Anthony-EACOM from Canfor

EACOM Timber Corporation has completed the purchase of Anthony-EACOM shares from Canfor Corporation.    Anthony-EACOM [...]

Austria: Prices for softwood lumber fell slightly in March but still higher yoy

In March, the prices for softwood lumber in Austria declined slightly compared to February. The decline is of 1-2 [...]

Finnish softwood lumber exports to China reach 1 million m3; up 67% yoy

The softwood lumber exports from Finland to the world increased by 9% for the whole year 2016, as compared to [...]

Latest prices for hardwood and softwood lumber in France

      FRANCE LUMBER PRICES for the 4th quarter 2016         [...]

Quebec, Ontario press Ottawa for loan guarantees to help sawmills pay expected US softwood lumber duties

Canada's lumber industry is in a stronger position to weather a U.S. trade battle than it was during [...]

Rising prices for softwood lumber in Austria

Prices for softwood lumber in Austria rose again in February. The increase compared to January is on average between EUR [...]

Optimistic outlook for the German softwood lumber market

During the Q4/2016, the softwood companies in Germany kept on the positive trend.    The results [...]

Resolute CEO claims to be able to persuade US in softwood lumber dispute

Eastern Canada deserves free and unencumbered access to the U.S. market because the forestry sectors of Ontario and Quebec [...]

Sweden’s sawn and planed timber exports and delivery prices rose sharply

The Swedish exports of softwood timber (sawn and planed) rose slightly in November, both compared to the previous month and [...]