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Sweden to compete with Russia on softwood timber exports to China?

As the rapid growth in softwood timber exports to China is showing no signs of slowing down, the Swedish Forest [...]

Softwood timber prices on the rise in Austria

Prices for softwood lumber in Austria rose slightly for almost all assortments. There are some exceptions: edged and rough boards [...]

Stable Swedish softwood timber exports in Jan.-Sep. 2016

    During January-September 2016, Sweden has exported about 9,7 million m3 of softwood timber.  [...]

Rising Chinese softwood timber imports driven up by booming demand in the wood flooring industry

The global trade of softwood has been in a steady rise in the past few years. Statistics suggests that one [...]

Softwood timber prices in Austria stable in December

Prices of softwood timber in Austria were at a stable level in December 2016. Only the price of reserve squared [...]

Softwood timber exports from Sweden continue to decrease

                During January-August 2016 [...]

Germany, top softwood timber exporter to India

Total imports of softwood timberin India from leading exporters in Europe and North America amounted to 252,000 m³ during [...]

No Brexit effects on UK softwood timber imports yet

      United Kingdom' s softwood timber imports grew by 5% during January-July 2016, as [...]

Finnish softwood timber exports up by 7%; shipments to China increase by 75%

The softwood timber exports from Finland increased by 7% during January-July 2016, as compared to the same period last [...]