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Germany wood pellets prices hardly change, despite high demand

As the cold weather continues, it leads to a persistently high demand for wood pellets. Thus, the price of EN [...]

Swiss wood pellets prices slightly decrease during March

Wood pellets' average price in Switzerland decreased in March 2017, as compared to last month and the same period last [...]

Wood pellets price in Germany rises due to sawdust shortage

    A higher demand for wood pellets went to a price increase of 4.7% in Germany [...]

Wood pellets price in Austria increased 3.7% in February

Enplus A1 pellets' price in Austria got to an average of EUR 238.5 per tonne, or 4.87 Cent [...]

Swiss wood pellets price grows in February, but is lower yoy

    The price for pellets in Switzerland increased by 1.73% during February 2017, reaching 381.6 [...]

Price of Austrian wood pellets continue to rise at the beginning of the year

The price for Enplus A1 pellets in Austria got to an average of EUR 229.9 per tonne, or 4 [...]

Wood pellets price in Germany increased in January due to harsh weather conditions

The price of wood pellets in Germany increased during January 2017 due to the wintry weather.     [...]

Wood pellets price in Switzerland kept on increasing at beginning of 2017

The average retail price for wood pellets in Switzerland went up in January 2017, reaching 375.1 CHF/t (349 [...]

Austrian wood pellets’ price slightly rises during December

During December 2016, the price of Enplus A1 pellets in Austria reached an average of EUR 226.7 per tonne [...]