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April 22, 2020

New Zealand’s forest industry to resume operations next Monday

New Zealand’s forest industry to resume operations next Monday

After nearly a month of strict lockdown, forest industry businesses in New Zealand have a week to get ready to open, after the Government moved the Covid-19 alert from level 4 to level 3.

Forestry companies in New Zealand have been unable to operate since the country entered into level 4 lockdown on March 26, and weren't classed as essential business.

As quoted by the New Zealand Herald, FISC National Safety Director Fiona Ewing stated that a ''guidance had been developed with strong input from industry and provided clear and detailed advice on how forestry companies could work in a way that prevents the spread of the virus''.

With the help of the guidance, NZ's forestry companies can resume operations safely at Covid-19 Alert Level 3 on Monday, April 27.

"It covers all types of operations across the forestry supply chain, from planting, to harvesting, to transport and port operation. The focus is on helping forestry companies apply the key public health controls – like distancing and hygiene – in their everyday work," Ewing said.



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