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February 4, 2016

Metsä: Vilpulla and Svir sawmills reported record production in 2015

Metsä: Vilpulla and Svir sawmills reported record production in 2015

Metsä's Vilpulla and Svir sawmills have set new production records in 2015. The new annual production record for Vilppula sawmill with a single production line is 452,200 m3 (+34,000 m3 as compared to the previous year). The Vilppula sawmill also significantly improved its utilisation rate during the year, according to a Metsä Wood press release.

The new annual production record for the Metsä Svir sawmill is 251,500 m3 (+8,000 m3 as compared to 2014).

“We are using new measuring and imaging technology to control machines and equipment in all phases of the process. Even though there is a lot of new technology, employees’ strong capabilities and commitment are key. We are continuously developing our operations by improving our day-to-day operations. Both production records are prime examples of how daily operational improvement significantly improves production and economic efficiency,” says Harri Haapaniemi, VP, Production, Timber and Upgrades.

Metsä's Vilppula sawmill is located in the town of Mänttä-Vilppula, Finland. The sawmill has five weekday weekly production and it has about 100 employees. In addition to internal processing, major customers of Metsä Wood sawmill include companies manufacturing upgraded sawn timber products, the furniture industry and distributors.

Metsä Svir sawmill is located in Russia and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Metsä Fibre. Metsä Wood is managing production processes and is Metsä Svir’s main marketing and sales channel to the markets. In addition to Europe, Metsä Svir is shipping high quality sawn timber to Japan, China and Middle East.






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