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March 30, 2016

Logset launched two large-size harvesters (video)

Logset launched two large-size harvesters (video)

Logset launched two new harvester models to the 8-wheeled GTE range, 10H GTE and 12H GTE Hybrid. The new models are the biggest harvesters ever built at Logset. As the company describes them, the new harvesters are designed for economical harvesting of large forest areas and efficient processing of big timber volumes.

“Trees are growing, so are we”, says export sales director Pascal Réty. “Since the launch of the first eight-wheeler, more than 50 per cent of our sold harvesters are eight-wheelers. The demand for bigger forest machines is obviously growing. The new reliable and powerful models serve our customers worldwide in all demanding conditions.”

Logset 10H GTE

The 8-wheels provide excellent stability on steep terrain. The big 750/26.5 tires have superior flotation capacity. The machine is equipped with a Mesera 280 crane and Agco Power 7.4 l engine with 300 hp. The 10H GTE (in the photo above) meets now all the requirements needed to handle bigger trees on difficult steep terrains, as Logset describes its harvester.

Logset 12H GTE Hybrid

Logset says that 12H GTE Hybrid features technology that is revolutionary in the forest machine Logset2 (1)industry. The electrical energy in the hybrid system supports the Agco Power 7.4 l engine by offering an extra power boost. A huge torque of 2,000 Nm is available at normal working revs. The combination of the engine and the hybrid system can provide up to 520 hp (382kW). Moreover, as a standard the operator can enjoy high lifting capacity of the Mesera 285 crane. The big 780/28.5 wheels increase the ground clearance, offering excellent stability and driving comfort. The machine is fitted with double 210 cc hydraulic work pumps.

Logset Hybrid System

“We have studied hybrid technology for several years already. The technology has developed strongly and is now ready to be implemented into forest machines. Logset hybrid is designed to offer instantaneous power for superior efficiency. It´s a powerful solution but also an economical and ecological choice,” says technical director Jukka Kivipelto.

The fuel consumption is decreased by approximately 25 per cent compared to a similar diesel engine application.

The above descriptions of the harvesters are Logset's own descriptions.

The new harvesters in action: 







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