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July 24, 2019

July wood pellet prices in Austria

July wood pellet prices in Austria

The July price of pellets in Austria reached 229.6 € per tonne or 4.71 Cent per kWh.

• Compared to previous year -1.3%

• Compared to previous month +0.5%

Ordinarily the prices for wood pellets in Austria vary throughout the year with particularly favorable prices being offered in spring when local pellet producers advertise so-called „storage offers“. On average, the wood pellet prices during the special storage offers in the months of April and May are nearly 10% lower than prices in winter.

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Cost advantage to fuel oil

Wood pellets in Austria currently offer a price advantage of

• 68.3% as opposed to extra light heating oil and

• 71.8% as opposed to natural gas

It has repeatedly been claimed that the prices for wood pellets are somehow bound to the prices for mineral oil and therefore "follow" them. However, the development in recent years has shown that this is not the case. While the costs for heating oil are subject to extreme price fluctuations, the costs for wood pellets are largely stable. The average wood pellet price in 2012, after adjusting for inflation, was lower than the wood pellet price in 2002. One brief price peak in 2006 occured as a consequence of the particularly cold and snowy winter, which caused problems with timber transport as well as of the rapidly increasing demand. In the meantime over 400 wood pellet plants have been built all over Europe. Production capacities in Austria nearly doubled. Furthermore, the standardization of European quality standards (ENplus) has increased the permeability of the markets. Today, a high degree of supply security and price stability exists.

Price for wood pellets in bags

Austrian wood pellets in bags cost an average of € 3.98 per 15 kg bag (when ordered by the pallet).

• Compared to the previous year: +1.3%

• Compared to the previous month: +0.3%



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