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February 19, 2016

Italian woodworking machinery: 23% increase in orders

Italian woodworking machinery: 23% increase in orders

Orders for Italian woodworking machinery in 4Q/2015 rose 23.3% compared to the same period in 2014, reflecting a positive market sentiment amongst the industry’s members.

Domestic sales went up nearly 30% while international exports reflected a slower growth at 17%, according to figures released by Acimall, Italy’s woodworking association. Quarter-on-quarter growth reached 30%, or 7% with seasonal adjustment.

Order books have generally filled up to 2.8 months (versus 2.5 months at the end of 2014), with a one percent variation in prices since January 1 (1.3% in 2014).

According to an Acimall survey, market sentiment is positive with 42% woodworking machinery businesses in Italy expecting more demand from the international market while another 47% expects orders to be stable.

However, domestic sales are expected to take a hit as only 21% of those surveyed are confident of growth in the short term. 16% expect their orders to decrease while 63% expect business to remain stable.






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