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March 2, 2020

Giant forest owners association forms in Sweden

Giant forest owners association forms in Sweden

28,000 Swedish forest owners formed the new Norra Skog business association through the merger of Norrskog and Norra Skogsagarna. Thus, the largest association of forest owners appeared in Sweden.

According to the newly elected chairman of Norra Skog, Torgni Hardseleus, the associations own forests that occupy more than half of Sweden, with a combined turnover of four billion Swedish crowns.

“Finally, now we will be a strong factor that will help establish the rules of the game in the timber market. The Forest Owners Movement has always sought to shape prices, and now that we, 28,000 individual forest owners, have decided to be together, it is more difficult to surround us,” Hardseleus said.

During the voting, which took place on February 7, 2020, members of the Norra Skog interagency council were elected among 12 people - residents from different sectors of the industry. The management and marketing of the association will be Norra Timber, which owns a number of sawmills in northern Sweden.



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