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March 11, 2016

Ghana: Sharp drop in sawnwood export contract approvals

Ghana: Sharp drop in sawnwood export contract approvals

In the fourth quarter of 2015 the Timber Industry Development Division (TIDD) processed and approved export shipment contracts covering 120,642 cubic metres.

This was an almost 30% decline on the 172,124 cubic metres approved for shipment in the third quarter.

Secondary wood products (mainly sawnwood) topped the list of approved contracts in the fourth quarter followed by primary products and tertiary products as shown below.

Product Q3/2015 in m3 Q4/2015 in m3 Change in %
Primary 7,004 13,525 93.09%
Secondary 162,060 105,067 -35.17%
Tertiary 3,060 2,050 -33.01%
Total 172,124 120,642 -29,9%

Source: TIDD

Primary product shipment comprised mainly teak roundwood and fourth quarter shipments at 13,525 cu.m were 93% higher than in third quarter 2015.

In the fourth quarter there was a sharp drop in shipments of secondary products. This fall in approved contract volumes was mainly due to a big drop in contracts for sawnwood. However, export contracts for sliced veneer improved (+42%) to 5,090 cu.m compared to the third quarter.

Export contract volume approvals for shipment of tertiary products fell by 33% in the fourth quarter and this was put down to the difficulty mills had in securing sawnwood for further processing rather than weak demand.

Plywood dominates exports to regional markets

West African regional markets continued to be the major outlet for Ghana’s plywood. Out of the total volume of 19, 563 cu.m of plywood contracts approved, 98% in terms of volume were for exports to regional markets.

Most contracts for tertiary products, including sliced veneer and kiln dried sawnwood, were for European markets while shipments of air dry sawnwood, especially sawn rosewood and sawnwood of other high density species such as apa, ekki and denya, were for the Chinese market.

The United States market continued as the major destination for mahogany and cedrella sawnwood as well as for rotary veneer. Markets in the Middle East and Egypt emerged as a major destinations for backing grade veneer. India continued to be the sole market for teak and gmelina roundwood and sawnwood.






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