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June 5, 2019

Finland: Roundwood prices shifting downwards in April, but higher yoy

The prices for roundwood in Finland have increased significantly during April 2019, as compared to the same period last year. However, as compared to the previous month (March 2019), the prices have shifted downwards on all assortments. 
Pine sawlogs could be bought in April 2019 for EUR 61.65/m3, 3.71%more than in April 2018, but -1.56% less as compared to March 2019. The price for spruce went up by 3.72% yoy, to EUR 64.10/m3, but declined -1.18% on a monthly comparison.
As compared to April 2018, the prices for pulpwood increased at a much faster rate as the ones for sawlogs, but as well dropped as compared to March 2019. Thus, the price for pine pulpwood increased yoy by +11.78%, to EUR 32.05/m3, but decreased -1.18% over March 2019. Spruce and birch could be bought for EUR 35.36/m3 and EUR 32.64/m3, which is 12.46% and 11.43% more than in April 2018.
Finnish roundwood prices expected to rise by about 10% this year
Increasing demand due to good economic prospects and recent investments will boost the use of roundwood this year in Finland, a Pellervo Economic Institute (PTT) research revealed.
The roundwood trade in Finland was affected by the difficult winter harvesting conditions in early 2018, with private stands suitable for summer harvesting traded earlier than planned. Owing to the heated situation in early 2018, the volume of standing sales is expected to show robust overall growth this year, although the trend is expected to level off at the end of the year. Trade volume in thinning stands will pick up from last year. This year’s increase in roundwood inventories is expected to keep the growth of roundwood trade in check in 2019. Trade in pine logs and pine pulpwood will grow slightly more than in other tree species, PTT reported.
The brisk trade, due to the difficult harvesting conditions and higher demand of roundwood early in the year, will push up the nominal annual average prices of wood markedly from the average annual price last year. The growing demand for pine products in the sawn goods export market has raised the price of pine logs but not enough to close the gap to spruce logs. The annual weighted average price of pine logs will rise about 9 percent from last year and that of spruce logs about 10 percent, says PTT.
The annual average price of pine and spruce pulpwood will also rise 8–10 percent this year,
Next year prices will be affected by growing inflation, which will increase the annual average prices that would otherwise develop more modestly. Due to removals and the rise in roundwood prices, gross stumpage earnings from private forests will increase by almost 16 percent from last year, reaching 2.2 billion euros. Next year earnings from private forests will continue to rise a few percent.

Roadside roundwood prices in Finland (EUR/m3) April 2018 March 2019 April 2019 Change in % April 2018/April 2019 Change in % March 2019/April 2019
Pine logs 59.44 62.63 61.65 +3.71% -1.56%
Spruce logs 61.8 64.74 64.1 +3.72% -1.18%
Birch logs 49.62 51.2 50.58 +3.95% -1.20%
Pine pulpwood 28.76 32.77 32.05 +11.78% -2.19%
Spruce pulpwood 31.44 35.57 35.36 +12.46% -0.59%
Birch pulpwood 29.29 33.38 32.64 +11.43% -2.21%
Small-sized logs, pine 38.3 41.11 39.48 +3.08% -3.96%
Small-sized logs, spruce 38.65 41.61 40.23 +7.65% -3.31%


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