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April 7, 2016

EC names another EUTR Monitoring Organisation

EC names another EUTR Monitoring Organisation

Last month, the European Commission appointed another Monitoring Organisation (MO). The Commission recognised the Dutch TimberChecker (Westeinde 6, 1334 BK Almere, Netherlands) as the 13th MO. TimberChecker can act as MO only in the Netherlands..

Last year nine more MOs were appointed, including BM TRADA Latvija and Germany's DIN CERTCO.

Only five MOs have permission to offer their services in all EU member states. The other MOs are either just recognised for their home countries or for selected member states.

See full list of MO's here

The European Commision has thoroughly evaluated the accredited MOs, which were found able to assist EU operators in fulfilling their EUTR obligations. MOs provide their clients with EUTR-compliant Due Diligence System and are obliged to keep their system updated. They also conduct regular evaluations of their members' due diligence performance and are formally obliged to report repeated failures to observe due diligence to the relevant Competent Authority.






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