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June 29, 2017

EOS re-electes Sampsa Auvinen as president

EOS re-electes Sampsa Auvinen as president

The EOS General Assembly unanimously elected on 21 June 2017 its President and Board Members for the mandate 2017-2019. Mr Sampsa Auvinen, CEO of the Norvik Timber Industries has been re-elected as President of EOS for his second mandate.

Mr Ernest Schilliger - Schilliger Holz (CH) and Mr Joël Lefebvre - Groupe Lefebvre (FR), are both re-confirmed as Vice-Presidents respectively for Softwood and for Hardwood. Mr Herbert Jöbstl - Stora Enso Wood Products (AT), Mr Constantin Arion - Forestfalt S.A. (RO), Mr Carsten Doehring - Ilim Timber Germany (DE) Mr Mikael Eliasson - Skogsindustrierna (SE), Mr Kai Merivuori - Sahateollisuus ry (FI), Marc Sève - Monnet-Sève SA (FR) and Mr Thomas Siat – Siat Braun (FR) are elected EOS Board Members. Mr Hans Michael Offner - Johann Offner Holzindustrie GmbH (AT) is the Honorary President of EOS.

The sawn softwood production across European Countries is rising at a moderate but steady pace, with grown driven mainly by buoyant export markets, particularly Asia. Sawn hardwood production is overall stable in spite of raw material availability challenges, particularly in large producer Countries.



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