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February 11, 2016

EGGER launched new flooring system at Domotex 2016

EGGER launched new flooring system at Domotex 2016

The Austrian wood-based materials manufacturer EGGER has taken Domotex trade fair as an occasion to celebrate the 20th anniversary of EGGER flooring and to present a new flooring system to the range: EGGER DESIGN+, Notifix informs.

The new EGGER DESIGN+ FLOORING system is an extremely resilient but natural and 100% PVC- and plastics-free design floor with a SelfRepair property. With the new flooring system EGGER has managed to combine wood-based floors with the properties of plastic based design floors.

The floor's top layer consists of elastic, harmless to health, odorless and low-emission TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). The core of EGGER's new design floor consists of a double sealed, high-density, wood-based coreboard: the Ultra Wood Fiber Board (UWF).

A unique memory function makes EGGER DESIGN+ Flooring stand out when compared to other design floors: due to the so-called SelfRepair effect, the molecules displaced by surface deformation "remember" and return to their initial position. The floor looks new again. EGGER DESIGN+ FLOORING is recommended where a floor must be able to stand a lot of wear.






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