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February 24, 2016

“Made in China 2025” strategy presented at the Beijing Woodworking Fair

The Chinese Government is taking steps to achieve the strategy of “Made-In-China 2025″ in which “smart and green production” is the key element. The demand of intelligent furniture and woodworking equipment has therefore greatly increased. Facing the fierce competition, sluggish economy and rising production cost, wood machinery enterprises are urged to upgrade and transform via enhancing production effectiveness.

To address the market needs, The 16th International Exhibition on Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Manufacturing Equipment and The International Exhibition on Woodworking Machinery Supplies & Accessories (hereinafter as “Beijing Woodwork Fair 2016″) will focus on intelligent and green manufacturing solutions. It is also set to assist woodworking and furniture enterprises in achieving energy-efficient, fully digitalized and sustainable production.

Three leading enterprises in woodworking industry will participate in Beijing Woodwork Fair 2016 and they have shared with us about the challenges brought by “Made in China 2025″ and smart production solutions suggested for the woodworking and furniture manufacturing industry.

Sandar: Tapping into the era of customization and digitization

Customized furniture currently accounts for 10% of China’s furniture market. There is great potential for this segment as the demand for personalized furniture is increasing.

“Several leading enterprises started developing and producing CNC woodworking machinery and some of their quality products have already gained positive feedback from the markets and became competitive with overseas brands,” said Ken Liu, Director of Guangdong Sandar CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.

Sandar1Sandar’s products are famous for their high efficiency, good quality and outstanding outlook. All product technologies are patented. The core software and hardware technologies are developed in-house. At WMF 2016, Sandar will showcase the latest CNC cutting machines, automated edge banding machines, CNC drilling machines for panel furniture and so forth. Through Sandar’s on-site demonstration, clients can also have a better understanding on the maximized production result when CNC machines are connected with smart production & design system.

Biesse China: We think globally, act locally

Intelligent manufacturing has become a key focus. Biesse wants to be a leader in China and plans to hire experts to build stable sales and service network. The company has opened a head office andBiesse manufacturing plant in Dongguan, and has offices in Shanghai and Beijing. It also plans to open branches in other parts of China.

“We are bringing expertise from overseas and new technology that we have successfully sold in America. This will enable us to be competitive in China and elsewhere, and provide our potential and existing customers new solutions,” said Piergiorgio Franca, CEO of Biesse China.

At WMF 2016, Biesse will showcase the CNC machine model “Rover Gold” that has a very flexible design and highly applicable to different production lines. Another highlighted exhibit is the sanding machine tailored for solid wood furniture.

Homag China: In pursuit of energy efficiency

Homag-Venture240M_24311In 2015, Homag China Golden Field Ltd. was recognized as one of the “top 10 energy-saving enterprises of the wooden window industry in China”. Quality windows are a vital component in green buildings. Homag China organized many field trips to research institutes and business units in Europe for its clients. These trips aimed at helping clients understand the latest types of solid wood windows, and technology for its production. Homag China also introduced various kinds of energy-saving solid wood windows for different parts of China according to the respective city’s unique weather conditions.

At WMF 2016, Homag China will showcase software and equipment in alignment with the “Made-In-China 2025″ theme. The programme will include a demonstration on ‘Woodshop’ software, which involves 3D simulations and automatically calculates the cost of designing a wardrobe. There will also be a demonstration of a complete wardrobe production cycle from design to order placement, production and packaging using software such as WCC, CutRite and I-Share.


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