Wood Industry Prices

Price of birch wood rising sharply in Finland

The halt in Russian imports has pushed up the price of birch wood in Finland, which is in high demand [...]

Wood prices expected to continue to rise in Latvia

Currently, there is a shortage of wood and especially pellets in Europe. And at least not yet, it is not [...]

Softwood log prices continue fall in Germany

The German producer price indices for spruce partially stopped their upward trend in August 2022. On average the index for [...]

Ireland: Falling timber prices in Q3/2022

Economic uncertainty due to the war in Ukraine and a decline in consumer confidence is impacting on timber prices in [...]

Finland: Fall in log prices in September

Timber trade in Finland continued brisk in September, with the total volume five per cent higher than the average for [...]

Brazil, Uruguary wood chip exports rise, Chile shipments decline

Eucalyptus plantations in Latin America are a significant supply source to pulpmills in China and Japan. However, the Latin American [...]

N. American lumber prices climb 26% in October despite housing market slowdown

   North American lumber prices have rallied 26% so far in October, but further gains may be limited as [...]

Södra’s roundwood prices increased again

Södra raises the prices of industrial roundwood and fuel wood purchased from members, after seven months from the last [...]

Global softwood log trade drops by 20%

A halt in Russian log exports and reduced wood demand in China contributed to a 20% decline in international softwood [...]

Germany: Relaxation on the pellet market in sight

On the pellet market in Germany, there are signs of declining demand accompanied by a normalization of prices and delivery [...]