Wood Industry Prices

North American softwood lumber prices start to rise again

  North American softwood lumber prices surged more than 7% on Thursday as mortgage rates fell for the first time [...]

European buyers showing more interest in African timbers

Producers in the Central/West African region are reporting firm demand for padouk, okoume, ovangkol and even gheombi, a timber [...]

Rising costs cast doubt on Vietnamese wood companies growth prospects

As wood export turnover is rebounding with rising demand in the domestic market, the revenues of Vietnamese wood enterprises are [...]

North American lumber suppliers cut prices to increase sales

A few months of struggle between lumber buyers and sellers brought some big price cuts in mid-June. Suppliers had [...]

U.S. open to new lumber talks with Canada

The United States is open to fresh negotiations with Canada to resolve a longstanding dispute over U.S. tariffs on [...]

N. American lumber prices fall further as mortgage rates hit fresh 13-year high

   Lumber prices fell Thursday, marking the first decline in more than a week, as mortgage rates rose to [...]

Wood prices in Germany start to level off following US trend

After the massive increase in wood prices last year, the market is leveling off again. Werner Fauth, head of the [...]

The market situation for lumber and plywood in Europe is hot this summer

The cessation of imports of lumber and plywood from Russia and Belarus reduced their supply in Europe, which has weakened [...]

FEP calls EU authorities to limit oak exports

After significant progress in the European parquet consumption in 2021 as well as rising production in FEP countries to a [...]

Many North American lumber prices flat as ongoing delivery delays resolved

After dropping quite a bit in recent weeks, many softwood lumber prices levelled off in mid-June as a modicum [...]