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April 8, 2019

Brazil: Wood products exports on the rise in February

Brazil: Wood products exports on the rise in February

In February 2019, the Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) increased 3.2% in value compared to February 2018, from US$244.2 million to US$252.1 million.

The value of pine sawnwood exports increased just over 14% between February 2018 (US$38.8 million) and February 2019 (US$44.3 million). At the same time export volumes rose by almost 15% over the same period, from 186,200 cu.m to 213,700 cu.m.

Brazil’s tropical sawnwood exports rose almost 28% from 31,100 cu.m in February 2018 to 39,700 cu.m in February 2019 but the value of exports only rose 13% from US$14.2 million to US$16.1 million, over the same period.

In contrast, pine plywood exports declined 6.3% in value in February 2019 compared to February 2018, from US$57.1 million to US$53.5 million but there was an increase in export volumes from 175,200 cu.m to 195,600 cu.m in the same period.

Brazil’s exports of tropical plywood remain small and in February export volumes dropped from 12,700 cu.m (US$5.2 million) in February 2018 to 10,800 cu.m (US$4.0 million) in February 2019.

On a brighter note, exports of wooden furniture in February increased from US$38.8 million in February 2018 to US$40.4 million in February 2019.



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