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April 20, 2016

Brazil fights to remove US plywood tariffs

Brazil fights to remove US plywood tariffs

The Brazilian Association of Mechanically-Processed Timber Industry (ABIMCI) has consistently waged battle with the US in recent years to remove tariffs on Brazilian plywood.

ABIMCI has, once again, filed a formal petition with the office of the United States Trade Representative asking for a review the status of the Brazilian plywood within the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP).

Since 2005, Brazilian softwood plywood exports to the US have attracted an 8% duty which, says ABIMCI, undermines the competitiveness of Brazilian plywood.

ABIMCI filed new petition at the beginning of April this year with the US government requesting the re-designation of Brazilian pine plywood within GSP.

A similar application was denied last year. ABIMCI says it filed the petition again in order to promote fair competition among market players.






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