Södra to raise wood prices

Södra raises the prices for pulpwood and firewood due to market's continued high demand in the short and [...]

Büttner receives order from West Fraser

The Canada-based West Fraser company has awarded Büttner the contract to replace the existing Bison drum type 5 [...]

Sawn timber prices in Europe expected to continue falling in Q3 and Q4

The invasion of Russia in Ukraine created both challenges related to the prices of raw materials and energy resources, great [...]

France now dominates China’s oak log imports

Because of firm demand for oak flooring and furniture oak imports have been increasing and exceeded 1 million cubic metres [...]

Pellet prices in Germany at unprecedented levels

Many orders cause the price of wood pellets to continue to rise in August. One reason for this is to [...]

European wildfires on pace to set record forestland losses this year

The European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) reported that approximately 660,000 hectares (1,630,000 acres) of land have [...]
August 18, 2022 Daily News / Forestry / Wood Products / Europe / Global

Shortage of wood in Poland

The sanctions imposed on Russia in connection with the invasion of Ukraine have caused a shortage of wood in Poland [...]

Wood pellet crisis in France: prices double, strong demand causes supply difficulties

Faced with soaring energy prices, more and more French are investing in boilers or pellet stoves. But the supply is [...]

International Softwood Conference coming up in October

Registration is now open for the 70th International Softwood Conference (ISC) taking place this year in Copenhagen on October 12 [...]

Construction cancellations surging in Germany

Many projects are still being canceled in Germany’s residential construction sector. The share of companies affected stood at 11 [...]