China: Prices for imported logs and lumber from main timber markets

        This index contains the most update prices of logs and lumber from [...]

Russia’s softwood lumber invades the Chinese market

China's softwood lumber imports hit a new record of 21.58 million cubic meters in 2016, up 24 percent [...]

China increased log imports by almost 10% during 2016

China imported 48,724,700 cubic meters of logs during the whole year 2016. This represents a 9.33% increase [...]

Canadian lumber exports to China fell 10% in 2016

In 2016, Canada exported a total of 29.2775 million cubic meters of softwood lumber, compared with the 2015 annual [...]

European softwood logs & timber exports to China perform well in 2016

After a slowdown in growth in 2015, mainly due to an overall slower pace in the Chinese economy and construction [...]

China plans 6 national timber reserves with around 95 million m3 of logs logging capacity

As part of China’s National Forest Reserve Construction Planning for 2016 to 2050, six new large forest reserves will [...]

Russia might impose export duties on lumber with a low degree of processing

At the end of January, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, approved a list of instructions following an audit conducted by [...]
February 6, 2017 Daily News / Lumber / Sawmilling / China / Global / Russia

Segezha Group upscaled sawn timber sales to China

As of the year-end 2016, the global reach of Segezha Group sawn timber sales (part of Sistema JFSC) has [...]

Global wood panels surfacing market: re-positioning for growth

The decoration of wood based panels with a variety of surfacing materials is a key value adding step in the [...]

Is China Canada’s next top softwood lumber destination if the US tightens its position?

The US International Trade Commission (USITC) is now investigating the softwood lumber trade with Canada, which may lead to new [...]