Chinese demand for Russian sawnwood at historical levels

On May 12th, 2017, the Russian government expanded the list of forest products, which are subject to the requirements of [...]

Global softwood markets prices went upward in Q1/2017

Global softwood lumber prices trended upward in early 2017 with prices in North America hitting a 13-year high, Chinese [...]

Shanghai wood processing plants began to relocate

Traders report that activity in the Shanghai timber markets is very quiet. Analysts say one reason is that many wood [...]

Canadian lumber being used in massive Chinese eco-district project

About 100 townhomes will be built in Tianjin, China’s Sino-Canadian Low-Carbon Eco-District using Canadian lumber. Energy [...]

Latest trends in Japan’s furniture imports

The value of Japan’s wooden office, kitchen and bedroom furniture imports during the first quarter of 2016 and 2017 [...]

US wooden furniture imports from China down

The value of US wooden furniture imports declined for the second consecutive month in March to US$1.24 billion [...]

China: Rise in wood furniture exports from Huizhou City

According to Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, furniture exports from Huizhou City in Guangdong province rose 17% to US [...]
June 9, 2017 Daily News / Furniture / China / Global

Chinese delegation announces interest in the timber sector of the State of Amazonas

China is interested in opportunities for investment in Brazil’s timber sector.    The delegation from the [...]

China: Output from redwood enterprises falls

It is estimated that there were 15,000 Chinese redwood enterprises in 2016 with annual output value of RMB90 billion [...]