Asia & Middle East

Sabah to ban timber exports

Sabah's chief minister, Shafie Apdal, announced that he will instruct the state Forestry Department to immediately impose a ban [...]

India: Trade in some dalbergia species resumes

As a result of active intervention by the Indian Ministry of Commerce and the Forest Department a resumption of trade [...]

World bank expects rising wood logs prices in Africa and SE Asia

The World Bank reconsidered forecast for logs and sawnwood in the recently updated Commodity Markets Outlook.     [...]

Impact of EUTR on EU trade in tropical timber products

A key question for the long-term future of the EU trade in tropical timber products is the impact of [...]

Matsumoto Lumber to invest in a new sawline in Japan

Matsumoto Lumber ordered a full-profiling Scala 250 sawline from Heinola Sawmill Machinery for its new sawmill in Japan. The [...]

Prices for Indian teak, sawnwood and plywood imports in April 2018

The price list for teak, sawnwood and plywood between 16-30 April, 2018.    Plantation teak prices [...]

Asian demand for wood pellets booming in 2017

Asia’s demand for biomass is growing rapidly. Wood pellet imports into South Korea and Japan have grown exponentially in [...]

Pinnacle Renewable Holdings to export wood pellets to Japan

On May 2, Pinnacle Renewable Holdings Inc. released first quarter 2018 financial results, reporting it generated record first quarter revenue [...]

Japan’s lumber imports went up by 12.8% in Q1/2018

The average price for imported lumber in Japan increased 12.8% YoY, to $380 per m3 in Q1 2018. Moreover [...]