ATIBT to publish new guide to using African timbers in Europe

The Association Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux (ATIBT - International Tropical Timber Technical Association) has just released Volume 1 of their [...]
March 8, 2017 Daily News / Forestry / Sawmilling / Africa / Europe

Central/West Africa: FOB prices for sawnwood begin to stir

Sawnwood FOB prices in Central/Western Africa have begun to stir on the back of steady demand from buyers for [...]

Cameroon confirms the 20% tax on exports of logs

Cameroon has confirmed the log export tax will be increased to 20% and has signalled it will further tighten checks [...]
March 6, 2017 Daily News / Lumber / Sawmilling / Africa / Global

Central/West Africa: Logs & sawnwood prices hold steady as demand is slow in Europe before spring

Markets in France, Spain and Portugal are reported as very quiet with only low volumes being purchased to replenish stocks [...]

Gambia suspends transport, import and export of timber

Gambia's Ministry of Forestry, Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources, has announced, in a press release, that the import [...]
February 24, 2017 Daily News / Forestry / Sawmilling / Africa / Global

Rumours of 20% log export tax in Cameroon

Rumours have surfaced again on a likely 20% export tax on log exports in Cameroon. This could have implications for [...]
February 20, 2017 Daily News / Forestry / Lumber / Africa / Europe

Prices for Ghana’s exported wood products at the end of January

Prices for Ghana's exported wood products are the following between 16-31 January 2017:    Boule [...]

Rougier signs partnership contract to supply logs for Gabon

Rougier and Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ) announced signing of a major partnership contract to supply logs for the processing [...]

Central/West Africa: Western markets are quiet but Asian logs & sawnwood demand is lively

Central/West African producers report that all European markets are quiet and any purchases are only for replacement of stocks [...]