About us

With more than 10 years experience, Global Wood Markets Info has become one of the best news sources for the global wood industry.

Our news team is gathering the most important information for more than 100.000 subscribers, offering thousands of quality articles, together with in-depth analyses of wood market trends and exclusive market prices insights. Thus, every editor and reporter that works for us has a wide experience in the field and has studied the market thoroughly. GWMI offers an impartial perspective on the latest events on the market.

Regularly, GWMI extends with more subscribers, who use the valuable information we provide, as to choose better for their own companies and businesses, to be up to date with the latest news and to make sure they get the correct and updated version of events.

The information GWMI provides starts from the latest forestry news, to lumber markets analysis, wood flooring, wood pellets, wood construction market, wood-based panels, woodworking machinery and many more. Also, the news we provide cover supply and pricing trend reports for key products in the wood industry, product and customer sectors, everyday.

GWMI is a Brussels founded company, gathering a team of journalists from all around the world, providing high quality information, a key for the success of your company or business in the wood industry.


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