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Estonian Combimill Reopalu OÜ ordered 2-zone Progressive Kiln type HFB from Heinola

Combimill Reopalu OÜ invested in a new 2-zone Progressive Kiln type HFB  in Estonia. The new HFB-Progressive Kiln [...]

IKEA orders two kilns from Heinola for its production plant in Poland

IKEA ordered two large automatic 2-zone Progressive Kilns type HFB from Heinola Sawmill Machinery for its production plant in [...]

Keitele installs new progressive kilns from Heinola at a sawmill in Finland

Keitele invests into new 2-zone Progressive Kilns type HTC at its Kemijärvi Sawmill in Finland. The company placed [...]

ULK Sawmill to install two progressive kilns from Finnish Heinola

ULK Sawmill in Arkangelsk district, Russia, has ordered eight 2-zone progressive kilns type HFB from Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc [...]

Heinola receives progressive kilns orders from UPM and JPJ-Wood Oy

UPM Kaukas Sawmill has ordered three automatic 2-zone progressive kilns type HTC from the Finnish Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc [...]

Poland: Heinola installs two tunnel dryers for IKEA’s sawmill

IKEA Industry has ordered two automatic Progressive Kilns type HFB from Finnish Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc. with annual capacity of [...]

Metsa to buy half a billion euros equipment for its new giant sawmill in Finland

Metsä Fibre has agreed on the main equipment purchases for the new sawmill to be built in Rauma and the [...]

Södra expands drying capabillity in Sweden to address bottleneck and prepare for new CLT facility

Södra chose Heinola to supply new Progressive kilns for the sawmill in Värö, Sweden. Heinola will deliver two [...]

Vostok-Resurs in Russia plans to start 250,000 m3/year sawmill this autumn

Heinola is building a full-profiling sawline for Vostok Resurs in Russia.    The sawline is part [...]

Matsumoto Lumber to invest in a new sawline in Japan

Matsumoto Lumber ordered a full-profiling Scala 250 sawline from Heinola Sawmill Machinery for its new sawmill in Japan. The [...]