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March 3, 2016

Latvia increases wooden furniture exports

Latvia increases wooden furniture exports

The wooden furniture exports in Latvia reached EUR 128.01 million, registering a 2.85% growth from 2015, according to the Baltic Course, using data of the Forest Department of the Latvian Agriculture Ministry.

At the moment, out of the country's total forest industry exports, the Latvia's wooden furniture has a share of 6.2%. Germany is the main wooden furniture importer in Latvia, reaching 18.9% share of their total exports. In 2015, exports to Germany reached EUR 24 million. Next, was Denmark, with EUR 17 million and the UK, with EUR 11 million. the shares were 13.7% and 9.37% respectively, of the total furniture exports of Latvia.

Still, the imports of wooden furniture decreased by 9% in 2015, to EUR 64 million, compared to 2014. Poland sent the most, at a 25.8% share, followed by Italy (16.5%) and Lithuania (10.6%). The imports from these three countries were worth EUR 15 million, EUR 9.6 million and EUR 6.2 million respectively.







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