Archives: March 2022

War in Ukraine causes transportation problems for the European forest industry

Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine is affecting transport and logistics throughout Europe. Trade with Russia is virtually non [...]

German sawmill industry calls for boost in local wood sourcing due to war in Ukraine

Germany faces major challenges in the coming months and years. Against the background of the war waged by Russia against [...]

COVID outbreaks bite at Chinese ports, threatening global supply chains

The queues of container ships outside major Chinese ports are lengthening by the day as COVID-19 outbreaks in manufacturing [...]

How will the war in Ukraine affect timber prices in the UK?

The effect on prices from the invasion will likely heavily depend on which timber products you look to. As very [...]

Russian hardwood plywood – sanctions will impact trade with US

Hardwood plywood is an important material for many U.S. manufacturers. It’s used to make kitchen cabinets, recreational vehicles [...]

Finnish timber trade fell 20% in Jan.-Feb. 2022; log prices higher yoy

The volume of timber traded in January-February in Finland was 20 percent lower than in the corresponding period of [...]

Russian newspaper: Stora Enso’s sawmill continues to operate in Karelia

According to Stora Enso, production at the sawmill is at a standstill, but wage payments will continue.    [...]

Hot demand and delivery delays push N. American lumber prices higher

Still hot demand and relentless delivery delays served to pop up lumber prices yet higher. Buyers scoured their supplier contacts [...]