Archives: June 2021

BSW Timber to acquire Bayram Timber

BSW Timber, the UK’s largest integrated forestry and sawmilling group, has acquired Bayram Timber.    Established [...]

Pervanovo acquires large oak veneer producer in Croatia

Pervanovo Invest AB, headquartered in Viken Sweden and with subsidiaries in Croatia, has acquired 98% of the shares in Spa [...]

N. American lumber prices mostly flat

For the first time since October 2020 lumber prices for the week ending May 21st were flat, on almost all [...]

Impact on global markets of Russia’s log export ban

Russia’s proposed log export ban in 2022 will have a far-reaching impact on global forest product markets.  [...]

Swedish sawmills reach all-time high production in March

The month of March broke all records for the Swedish sawmill industry in the very strong market for wood.  [...]

Sweden: Bergkvist Siljan plans to increase sawn wood production by 60%

The Environmental Impact Assessment Delegation has granted the sawmill group Bergkvist Siljan permission to increase the production of sawn wood [...]

European timber construction sector reports worsening supply situation and rising prices

Since the beginning of 2021, European carpentry and timber construction companies have been facing an area of ​​tension between increased [...]

Sharp rise in European softwood lumber to the US

    A booming demand in the US doubled by insufficient wood availability on the North American continent [...]

The German wood packaging industry hits the timber supply alarm

Wood packaging industry is alarmed: German export industry and domestic supply in danger.    Marcus Kirschner, Managing [...]

Estonia: Rising spruce log prices in Q1/2021

In the first quarter, the prices of softwood logs in Estonia continued to grow. The biggest increase was in the [...]