Archives: May 2018

Lumber market in the US driven by increased demand; prices boomed

The framing lumber in the US was mainly driven by an increased seasonal demand during last week. This made the [...]

Market role of EUTR and FLEGT licensing

A key question for the long-term future of the EU trade in tropical timber products is the impact of [...]

Exports of logs to China under threat due to phytosanitary requirements

The National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) has been made aware of a developing situation involving the exports of logs to [...]

US EPA declares biomass energy carbon neutral

The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has declared biomass from managed forests as carbon neutral when burned for energy production [...]

German sawmills are lacking hardwood, due to booming log exports to China

German sawmills are currently lacking hardwood. The reason is the increasing export of logs to China.      [...]

Resolute Forest Products to invest nearly 13 million in La Doré wood products facilities in Canada

Resolute Forest Products Inc. announced major investments totaling $12,956,700 in its La Doré wood products facilities, located in [...]

MeisterWerke takes over 100% shares of Hain Natur-Böden

MeisterWerke Schulte GmbH, leading provider of hard floor coverings from Meiste in the Sauerland, Germany, has taken over the family [...]

Finnish domestic roundwood consumption reaches record level in 2017

The amount of roundwood consumed in the manufacture of forest industry products increased in 2017 for the fifth year in [...]

New Zealand log exports recover after Chinese New Year

The export log market in New Zealand picked up after the slowdown ahead of the Chinese New Year period. Thus [...]

US lumber prices on the rise at the end of April

Framing lumber trading in the US rapidly increased during last week, while producers reacted with a firmer stance and higher [...]