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European sawmills report static hardwood production

The European domestic hardwood supply situation was summarised at this year's International Hardwood Conference (IHC) by EOS Board Member [...]

Sweden: Martinsons to cease sawn timber production at Hällnäs sawmill due to high production costs

Martinsons will cease sawn timber production in Hällnäs sawmill in Sweden. There are 43 members of staff at [...]

European Commission punishes Ukraine over roundwood export ban

The refusal of the European Commission to transfer to Kyiv a third tranche, under the assistance program, for EUR 600 [...]
December 11, 2017 Daily News / Forestry / Lumber / Sawmilling / Europe

Lumber prices in the US dropped due to mixed trading

Framing lumber trading in the US was mixed during last week, but overall prices were weighted to weakness.   [...]

France: Lumber prices for the 3rd quarter of 2017

FRANCE LUMBER PRICES for the 3rd quarter 2017         Prices 2017-Q3  [...]

Austrian softwood lumber prices characterized by stability

In October, the softwood lumber market in Austria is characterized by price stability. This applies on the one hand as [...]

China: Strong reaction to anti-dumping penalties in the US

The US International Trade Commission has issued a final ruling in the China hardwood plywood case confirming that, in their [...]

Africa expected to become a net wood importer

An interesting perspective on the global hardwood trade was provided at this year's International Hardwood Conference (IHC) by consultant [...]

Russia: Top timber companies report 13% increased revenues

The 100 largest companies of the timber industry of Russia have provided 56% of the revenues of the entire forestry [...]