Archives: August 2017

Russian exports of softwood lumber to the US on a booming trend due to dispute with Canada

One of the results of the softwood lumber trade dispute between Canada and the US is that Russia has emerged [...]

Metsä Wood’s new LVL line started production

Production at Metsä Wood's new LVL line in Lohja has started. The construction project has progressed according to plan [...]

Largest CLT plant in Scandinavia to be built in Norway

Splitkon AS invests into a new 60,000 m3 Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) production line in Åmot, Norway.   [...]

IKEA to use India as hub for furniture

IKEA will use India as a hub for making sofas and furniture for the company's global stores, a move [...]

China: Wood-based panel mills in Shandong province told to cease operations

It has been reported that most wood-based panel enterprises in Linyi City, Shandong Province have been told to cease [...]

Brazilian timber exports benefiting from steady growth of the US economy

In the first six months of 2017, logs and primary products accounted for most of Brazil’s timber exports and [...]

Latest trends in North American softwood lumber markets

The softwood lumber demand in North America has increased steadily in 2016 and continued through the first half of 2017 [...]

US postpones final duties on Canadian lumber

Wilbur Ross, the US Commerce Secretary, announced on the 28th of August a 2-1/2 month delay in determining [...]

Lemeks to build EUR 30 million veneer and plywood plant in Estonia

AS Lemeks, the Estonian forest and wood processing company, plans to build a birch veneer and plywood factory in Viruvere [...]

Lumber markets in the US went down towards the end of August

The framing lumber markets in the US have experienced a recent stillness during last week, which led producers to explore [...]