Archives: April 2017

First Canadian sawmill to announce closure after US lumber duties

A sawmill owner in New Brunswick announced that it will shut down the mill because of the newly imposed US [...]

Global wood pellet producers focus on the Asian energy market

Many Asian countries are currently under the process of switching from coal to wood pellets consumption in their power grids [...]

Stora Enso to supply CLT for one of Sweden’s largest wood construction projects

Stora Enso has been commissioned to supply massive wood products to a residential project in Växjö municipality in southern [...]

Ghana: Latest prices for exported wood products

Prices for Ghana's exported wood products are the following between 1-15 April 2017:    Boule [...]

Roundwood prices in Estonia on downward path in February

Almost all roundwood prices in Estonia were on a downward movement in February 2017. Only spruce logs and pine pulpwood [...]

Declining German sawn beech lumber exports to China

During 2016, Germany's sawn beech lumber exports didn't suffer any changes as compared to the whole year 2015 [...]

Austria: Spruce logs’ prices stabilize; good prices for pine and larch

The sawmills in Austria are still well stocked with wood. The prices for the main assortment spruce sawlogs quality B [...]

Japan boosts imports of softwood lumber from Europe

EU's softwood lumber exports to Japan increased by 14% during 2016, as compared to the previous year. The exports [...]

New Zealand roundwood prices hit record high

Local log prices in New Zealand have reached new record high in March, due to buoyant demand from sawmills. Thus [...]

April prices for Indian sawnwood, plywoood and teak

The price list for teak, sawnwood and plywood between 1-15 April, 2017    Plantation teak prices [...]