Archives: March 2017

Finland: Roundwood prices stable in January

Finnish roundwood prices stabilized at the beginning of 2017, as compared to January 2016.    The prices [...]

Poland: Furniture production reached almost EUR 10 billion in 2016

Poland became the sixth largest manufacturer and the fourth largest exporter of furniture in the world in terms of value [...]

New record high for globally traded wood chips in 2016

Over the past 15 years, global trade of wood chips has gone up almost 75%, mainly because of major expansion [...]

Brazil: Latest prices for logs, sawnwood and plywood

Latest prices for Brazilian logs, sawnwood and plywood prices (1-15 March 2017)        [...]

FSC has started a new policy for association investigation of the Schweighofer Group

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has started a new policy for association investigation of the Schweighofer Group to determine whether [...]

Latvia: Exports of wood industry exceeded EUR 2 billion in 2016

The total forest and woodworking industry products export value in Latvia reached the record high of EUR 2.102 billion [...]

Finnish softwood lumber exports to China reach 1 million m3; up 67% yoy

The softwood lumber exports from Finland to the world increased by 9% for the whole year 2016, as compared to [...]

BC’s trade envoy claims there is slight chance for new softwood lumber deal

The softwood trade envoy of British Columbia claims that there might be a small chance to quickly negotiate a new [...]

LIGNA 2017: Perfect solutions for every type of material

The exhibitors at this year's LIGNA will show that the processing capabilities of today's woodworking machines extend far [...]

China: Economy and housing market a driver for wood and wood products imports

Achieving growth was tough for Chinese policy makers throughout 2016. Even with loosened liquidity and government intervention, annual growth fell [...]