Archives: January 2017

German sawmills sales declined in November

The turnover of the German sawmills fell in November 2013 as compared to October. The decrease of the total turnover [...]

Conifex commits US$80M to modernizing and restarting sawmill at former GP El Dorado, Arkansas

Conifex Timber Inc. announced it is modernizing and will re-start a state-of-the art sawmill complex in El [...]

All-time high turnover for the German furniture industry

The furniture industry in Germany has exceeded its EUR 18 billion turnover limit for the first time, at the end [...]

Siempelkamp delivers new MDF plant in the Ural mountains region

About 80% of Russia's wood resources can be found east of the Ural Mountains, which accounts for about 20 [...]

Malaysian certified timber is now accepted in the Netherlands

Tropical timber certified under the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS) is now accepted as certified sustainable in the Netherlands, following [...]

Export duties on Canadian softwood may lead to an unstable US market

U.S. softwood lumber was again the main global growth market in 2016 (the case since 2010) and supported firm [...]

Is China Canada’s next top softwood lumber destination if the US tightens its position?

The US International Trade Commission (USITC) is now investigating the softwood lumber trade with Canada, which may lead to new [...]

Vietnamese wood industry endangered by lack of logs

The wood processing industry in Vietnam copes with a lot of difficulties following the order of the government to close [...]

Irish sawmills have spent €200M in recent years on capacity expansions

Ireland is forecast to double its timber harvest in the next decade. The industry provides numerous jobs to many parts [...]

Latvia’s wood pellet production is expected to continue growth in 2017

The pellet production in Latvia will continue moderate expansion in 2016-2017 as two, new large-scale pellet mills will [...]