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US-Canada softwood lumber talks won’t seem to reach agreement by October

Despite many talks regarding the renewal of the softwood lumber agreement between the US and Canada, the two sides aren [...]

Italy’s wood pellets consumption expected to reach 5 MMT in 2020

Italy is a leading European consumer of wood pellets (3.1 million metric tons in 2015), with domestic consumption representing [...]

Lumber prices in the US dropped last week

Framing lumber sales were weak at the middle of August, while the prices decreased for several wood species. The fear [...]

EU opens doors to Indonesia’s licensing scheme for exports of verified legal timber

The European Commission has amended the EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade Regulation (FLEGT) to recognise Indonesia’s licensing [...]

Central/West Africa: No logs & sawnwood price movements in expectation of UK referendum effects

The slight weakness in prices for sipo and sapele was reigned in over the past two weeks and there is [...]

Swedish housing starts reach highest level in 25 years

Swedish housing starts increased reached the highest level in a quarter of a century in the first half of 2016 [...]

European imports of Chinese plywood drop sharply in H1/2016 as British demand slows

      Plywood exports from China to the European Union decreased by -18% during the first [...]

Canada and the US still far from reaching new lumber trade deal

Canada’s chief negotiator, Martin Moen, claims that there are several key issues that still keep the US and Canada [...]
August 19, 2016 Daily News / Lumber / Global / North America

Japan: International environmental groups demand only verified legal wood to be utilised

Japan should take control on the use of the legally proved wood, as advised by 18 international environmental protecting groups [...]

US government confirms illegal timber imports from Peru

In a report released yesterday by the U.S. government, Peruvian timber imported to the United States in January 2015 [...]