Archives: November 2014

Chinese demands in sawn beech lumber exports from Germany slow down

In August 2014, Germany's sawn beech lumber exports declined by 14 percent compared to the same month last year [...]

DLH sells its hardwood business to A/S Global Timber

Dalhoff Larsen & Horneman A/S has on Monday sold its hardwood business to A/S Global Timber at a [...]

Eastern Europe: Wooden furniture production rises

Wooden furniture production continued to rise in a number of Eastern European countries during 2013. Romania is the second largest [...]

Scotland: Metsä Wood stops Grangemouth sawmill’s production

Metsä Wood will cease production at the company's Grangemouth plant in Scotland, according to Falkirk Herald. After 40 jobs [...]

Greenpeace tracks illegal timber shipment coming from Brazil’s Amazon to Europe

On Thursday, in the waters outside of a Rotterdam port, Greenpeace activists claim to have been tracking illegally sourced timber [...]

Finland plans huge investments in the forest industry

For the future, large investment in Finnish forest industry are planned: nearly 1.5 billion euros will be invested, which [...]

China’s massive log exports rises prices and profits in the US

In northwestern United States, logging activity is in full mode in the forests of Douglas fir and hemlocks (Tsuga heterophylla [...]

Metsä considers cuts in sawn timber production

The balance between demand and supply in sawn timber has weakened due to increased supply in the Nordic countries, says [...]

China makes progress towards a `green` wood industry

According to Tao Yiming, vice President and Secretary General of the China Timber and Wood Products Distribution Association (CTWPDA) , a [...]

German and Italian furniture production continues to fall

    The value of wooden furniture production in Italy is estimated to have fallen 8% to €7 [...]