Archives: January 2014

Sweden: Roundwood prices dropped in 2013

Roundwood prices in Sweden have continuously declined throughout the first three quarters of 2013. Moreover, as compared to the third [...]

Sustainable competitive EU hardwood sector

An EC/Indufor study comments on the relative international competitiveness of EU wood processing industries. In the sawmilling and veneer [...]

India might become a major lumber export market for Canada

Canada sees India as a potential market for its lumber exports: “This is the fourth-largest consumer market in the [...]

Wood pellets cheaper in Germany

At the beginning of the year the average price of wood pellets in Germany has slightly decreased, the German Energy [...]

Significant rise in logs&sawnwood imports

In the first three quarters of 2014 China's log imports totaled 48,359,000 cubic metres valued at USD9 [...]

Weak year for the Italian woodworking industry

''We still have to wait for coveted recovery: as a matter of fact, 2013 has been poor of satisfaction''  [...]

European construction hits bottom and is expected to grow

European construction hit bottom in 2013 and should grow slowly in 2014. This new forecast was issued in on 28th [...]

Trouble for the European tropical wood trade

Reviewing the position of the tropical wood trade in Europe at the turn of the year is a sobering experience [...]

Unilin buys Czech parquet manufacturer

Unilin, part of the American company Mohawk Industries Inc., has recently announced that it has agreed in principle to acquire [...]

Finland: Timber prices up 18% in 2013

In 2013, the Finnish Forest Industries Federation’s (FFIF) member companies procured 33.4 million cubic metres of wood from [...]